Amplesoft – Offering Best PPC Packages suiting Any Size Business

You may have seen the word PPC frequently when you search for social media advertising solutions for your business. But what it is actually? When you pay for advertising over the internet, it’s referred as Pay Per Click i.e. PPC. Being the best search engine marketing service providers in India, we offer very affordable PPC Packages that suits effectively to any size business.

Why Digital Advertisement is in Demand? Is It really that much beneficial?

Have you ever counted presence of advertisements on a single webpage? Since last few years that no. has drastically increased due to rise in smart phone and internet users across the globe. It created an easy platform for businesses to present in front of their potential buyers all time as their buyers are present all time. No need to keep your shop open 24 * 7, just make your strong presence through digital ads and keep your business rotating all time. We feel the happiness when business grows and thus runs effective PPC Campaigns for you to feel the same.

Pay Less – Get More Leads – Digital Ads are more Cost Effective

Paid Advertising Services Offered by Us

Don’t go even with 90% results as we are offering 100% ROI measure from our PPC Services. Let us plan cost effective digital ad strategies to enhance your business. Attracting the right audience using the minimum cost per acquisition and cost per click is challenging task and we have handled this challenge many times effectively for many of our clients. We are leading PPC Company in Pune offering best digital advertising solutions suiting client’s objective and goal.

Google Adwords

Customer Demand is most valuable factor for us and so as to you. Thus with prior meeting and impactful strategies we launch Google Ads for your products and services to maximize your lead base to meet your ROI target.

Facebook Ads

Having a Facebook Page will not add much more to your business but running an effective Facebook ad will surely reflect a great result. Our certified specialist will launch FB Campaign with more personal touch so as to increase real foot falls to your shop. Hurry Up! Contact us now as we have customizable facebook marketingsolutions for your business.

LinkedIn Ads

Every digital platform has their own benefits based on the type of users. LinkedIn is professional platform and thus B2B businesses can benefit from it if LinkedIn ads run in effective manner. We have proven great results for many of our clients being their trusted LinkedIn Marketing Agency.

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PPC Campaign

We are experts of attracting qualified prospects using our creative PPC Advertising to reach you over your expected ROI. Your Ad budget matters to us and thus being top PPC Company we design advertising strategies that create a great impact over your Budget.

Campaign Analysis

We not only just take money to run your PPC Ads but we also conduct deep PPC Analysis till their last results and share the same with you as we believe in transparent work. We let you understand various technical factors emerged from your Marketing Campaign Analysis so that we you can add more value to it in future ads.

Conversion Tracking

Even your campaign reaches to highest results, you must know exact source of your leads so as to concentrate more on that areas for business enhancement. We keep track of your leads our advanced tools.


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