Don’t Work Manually – Add Automation to Your Daily Sales Tasks

Don’t rely on manual resources to grab the golden opportunities offering potential customer engagement. Innovation and timely developments in Customer Relationship Management technology has changed face of business by empanelling automation at each stage. Who wants to spend more time and resources for repetitive tasks? Get the benefits of CRM technology to automate those tasks and let your sales team focus on real selling instead of time consuming data entry tasks.

AmpleSoftech – Leading Brand for Innovative CRM Solutions

Are you looking for experienced CRM Developer to convert your sales innovations in reality? Congrats !! You are landed to perfect page. Your search for CRM Solutions surely ends here. We never take into account business size, thus along our journey of 8 years we have also developed very innovative crm for small businesses keeping in mind their business goals and objectives. CRM services designed by us have helped many reputed business to effectively manage their marketing, sales and service teams. Always be ready to take smarter business moves based on the perfect information and insights generated through our CRM systems.

Get CRM Software designed as per your Business Needs

Customizable CRM Development Services

Every business wants more growth and that can be surely achieved every time using various technical solutions. We are pioneers of developing user friendly and customizable CRM suiting perfectly for your business. Be it a large-scale IT company or small Manpower Consulting firm, our CRM proved to be effective for any kind of business. We let you connect with your customers through our multichannel support enables CRM solutions. Key Features of Our CRM Systemsare as follows:

  • Shown more than 250% improvement over the lead conversion rates
  • More than 40% target achievements by each sales person over their previous targets
  • Our CRM systems shown very positive impacts over customer retention
  • Helped many businesses to shorten their long-route sales cycles
  • Enhanced ROI by decreasing the whopping amount spent over sales and marketing activities
Promote Your Products Effectively

Every business finds it difficult to identify pattern of customer behavior. CRM lets you understand those patterns clearly giving you the advantage to promote your products at right time.

Sale Magically – Sale Automatically

Any sale is backed by so many small tasks like form filling, report generation, legal formalities etc. Release the burden of those manual tasks off the shoulders of your smart sales force and let them achieve magical figures using automation provided by CRM.

Maintain Clear Communication – Internally

Many times customers face bad situations caused as a result of poor communication between different departments. That can result into loss of customer and brand value too. Let your all departments share customer data and offer best service to them.

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Retain More Customers – Generate More Revenue

Innovative and proven CRM strategies allow you to improve your customer retention which is directly proportional to your Revenue. Encourage your customers for repeat purchases using data collected through CRM.

Higher Customer Satisfaction – Higher Returns on Investments

You can easily improve your customer satisfaction by conducting sales, service and marketing in a systematic way through open source crm. Be in touch with your customers by replying to their feedbacks over your products / services.

Store All Valuable Insights Centrally

Do you still follow traditional cycle of collecting insights individually and processing them for organizational purposes? Use CRM to store those valuable insights at one central location and analyze them easily to match your organizational performance goals.


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