Your Clients, Your Projects, Our Resources

Smart agencies look for smarter people for their development work. With amplesoftech, it’s like setting up your own Offshore Development Center. You get access to world-class capability; you de-risks your business; substantially reduce your overheads; and focus on your core, while amplesoftech delivers on its core, i.e. app development.

Transparent in our dealings, we will also counsel you on whether you should opt for the ODS mode, or use our help to built your in-house capability.

The Value Proposition

White Label Services

We provide software development services to digital and marketing agencies. Here at amplesoftech, we help our clients achieving their goals by providing them an ultimatum in the form of amazing products. We work with various agencies too like marketing and web designing to shape their clients expected services into mobile capabilities.

We develop white label app for our clients across the globe by signing a contract and assigning a team of highly skilled developers to them, by assuring their happiness.

Dedicated Developers

Notable startups include Palo Alto-based virtual reality company Jaunt, which partnered with North Face to give customers a virtual tour of Yosemite National Park, and London-based Iconeme, which developed a beacon technology that pushes information about sales and products from in-store mannequins to nearby shoppers' smartphones.

Project Managers and Tools

While technical capabilities are a prerequisite for most industries these days, this is one where experience in the retail business may serve an entrepreneur more. Of course, if you don't know how to develop technical solutions, partnering with someone who does will be necessary to bring your product to market.

Secure Infrastructure

The industry is being driven by a rapid uptick in machine vision and artificial intelligence capabilities as well as increasing interest in the commercialization of drones, autonomous cars, and other robotics applications.

Strengthening Your Client Relationship

Beautiful and quality descriptions, photos and attributes are very important for customers. This information gives them extra value from your agency and helps them find desired travel products..

Technical Expertise

The average enterprise uses 17 different content types as part of its content marketing programs. Odds are you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of channels you are creating content for — be it email, webinars, blogs, content for social media… and even print and in-person channels. It’s always more, more, more..